Paranormal Romace Junkies。

This is the official page of Paranormal Romance Junkies.

We are the owners and creators of the "What's your wolf name?" chart that has become so popular here on Tumblr.

Here is the facebook to the glorious site:

I’m new to Tumblr, OKAY?


I just went Moon Moon crazy and reblogged a lot. I feel bad for all of my followers. All FOUR of them, that is…. FOUR. Come on Tumblr, we can do better than that. YOU GUYS SUCK.


Hello there! I am the creator of the Whats your Werewolf name that spawned the beloved Moon Moon. I was shocked to see how wild it went! Paranormal Romance Junkies(On Facebook) now has a new mascot…Moon Moon! I also started my own Tumblr for Paranormal Romance Junkies in honor of Moon Moon. Give us a follow. I will be posting more Whats you name games soon!



who the heck started Moon Moon. cause ya know, I fucking love you

Hi there. I am the creator of the Whats your werewolf name that spawned Moon Moon. I am not sure who actually started the Moon Moon craze…but I would sure like to find out! 

× Here’s the original “What’s Your Wolf Name?” for any of you who didn’t get a  chance to find out yours!

The creator of Moon Moon (What’s your Werewolf name?)

I was surprised, to say the least, when I heard that one of my ‘What’s your name’ images became viral on Tumblr. i.e…the famous Moon Moon. I made these images for the followers of my Facebook page ‘Paranormal Romance Junkies’. If you wish to find more please visit my page at 


Moon Moon has travelled far


I was queuing in a coffee shop with my friends yesterday, scrolling through my dash and laughing to myself - standard - and finished off the laugh with “ahhhhhh Moon Moon” 

Nothing from my friends - they do not have Tumblr. But this one guy by the counter just turned, angry faced and said, “Quiet Moon Moon - grown ups are talking!”

I love that Moon Moon is the greatest thing on Earth right now.

I also love that my friends had absolutely no idea what was going on - win.

I am actually the mind behind the Whats your wolf name image. Plus many others. You can find more of them at www.facebook/